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Meet Maria Merchant, Certified English Teacher

Meet Maria

  • CELTA Certified English Teacher

  • IELTS Coach

  • Spoken English Facilitator

  • Academic Tutor

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Soft Skills Trainer

I am a CELTA certified English teacher with 11+ years of experience in English language training, tutoring school students for academic purpose, facilitating Spoken English, corporate training, imparting training in soft skills and IELTS.  I have had the privilege of guiding numerous students on their language-learning journey. My approach is tailored to your unique needs, whether you're a beginner or looking to refine specific language skills. 

Philosophy: I believe in creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Language acquisition should be an enjoyable experience, and I strive to make each session interactive, dynamic, and effective.


To get an authentic and genuine understanding of my competence as an English Teacher I recommend going through my student testimonials as the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Also doing a demo session will help understand my teaching style.


Let's embark on a wordy adventure together, where grammar rules but creativity reigns supreme!" :)

Student taking Online Class
Online Education

Why Learn English with Me?

Live Instruction: Join our expert instructor for a live, interactive session.


I came to Maria ma'am just 2 weeks before my leits exam and I wasn't performing so well specially in writing.  She worked with me and helped overcome where I was lacking, she has in-depth knowledge on how to grade the leits exam and prepared me on a time bound way.  I would recommend anyone to her shes an excellent teacher.
Maria ma'am has a very friendly and pleasant personality which makes the learning experience enjoyable and comfortable. She is very motivating and encourages the student to bring out their maximum potential.  She has great command over the English language and plans the classes according to the ability and requirement of her students.
She is a great mentor, she has a great teaching experience and vast knowledge of English language.  She taught me too many things in a very short span with great understanding. She is good at improving one's pace of learning.
Maria Mam is one the best IELTS tutor.  She has a lot of practical tips to score at least a band higher than your capability.  If observed carefully one can learn a lot of vocabulary from just communicating with her.
I have been taking classes from her for more than a month now and I already feel the change in myself. I would totally recommend her classes to my friends and others. 
From my childhood to college life, I found you as good teacher for English. 
- Dinesh
In just a few lessons, I saw a HUGE difference in my high schooler's desire to express herself in writing, Instead of being difficult, she was willing and excited for her lessons.  She is now writing with much more confidence and is much happier with her work.  Best decision to choose Maria as her English Teacher.
-Mary, U.S.
I am grateful to Maria for giving me tips on how I can be an effective communicator and better professional.  I should say she is very systematic in her approach and challenges the students. 
Because she gives me a lot of time to think. I've learned to think in English and I'm getting better at speaking.
-Hiromi, Japan

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One-on-One Tutorials

One-on-One English tutorials offers a personalized and focused learning experience.


  • Individualized Attention

  • Customized Curriculum

  • Flexible Pace

  • Targeted Feedback

  • Focus on Weaknesses

  • Increased Speaking Time

  • Increased Student Participation

  • Scheduling Flexibility

  • Targeted Exam Preparation

Group Lessons

If you prefer to learn English with some friends get up to 2 other people to the lesson and share the cost.  Group lessons in English language learning offer a dynamic and interactive environment where learners can benefit from shared experiences and collaborative learning.


  • Interaction and Communication

  • Peer Learning

  • Collaborative Activities

  • Cost-Effective

  • Team Building

  • Role Playing and Simulations

English for Speakersof Other Languages

ESOL is often used interchangeably with terms like ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). It aims to help non-native English speakers develop the necessary language skills to communicate effectively in English, both in everyday situations and professional contexts. I have taught English to natives from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Germany. English proficiency offers a multitude of advantages in today's interconnected world, contributing to personal, academic, and professional growth for speakers of other languages.

Are you ready to open doors to endless opportunities?

Embrace a world of possibilities by learning English - the global language of communication, collaboration, and success!

What's In Store for You?

👩‍🏫 Live Instruction: Join our expert instructor for a live, interactive session.

🔥 Engaging Activities: Experience firsthand the exciting and dynamic activities that make learning with us a joy!

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This Learning Platform Offers:

👩‍🏫 Expert Instructor: Learn from an experienced, certified instructor dedicated to your success.

🌐 Interactive Lessons: Engage in dynamic, immersive lessons that make learning enjoyable.

📚 Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic language skills to advanced proficiency, I cover it all!

🤝 Community Support: Connect with fellow learners, exchange ideas, and practice together in a supportive community.

📆 Flexible Scheduling: Learn at your own pace with classes that fit your busy lifestyle.

🌐 Learn English - Your Gateway to a World of Opportunities! 🌎


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Interactive Learning: Discover a teaching approach that engages your mind and sparks curiosity.

Explore the Curriculum: Get a sneak peek into our comprehensive curriculum designed for maximum understanding and retention.

Immediate Feedback: Receive personalized feedback to boost your confidence and accelerate your learning journey.

Ready to embark on a journey of linguistic mastery?

Join on the path to success - Learn English and thrive in a globalized world!

* Global Connectivity * Career Advancement
* Educational Excellence * Cultural Enrichment

Why Learn English with Me?

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